X-15 Class

One-Design Wingfoil Racing

The One-Design Wingfoil Revolution Takes Flight


There are many popular one-design classes in both sailing and windsurfing. But, until now, there have not been any one-design wingfoil classes. So here we are. Together, Starboard and FreeWing have stepped up to the plate to introduce one-design wingfoil racing.

Why one-design racing though? Well, it’s a whole lot more fun when everyone is in the same “race car”! One-design racing is popular, largely because homogenous equipment inherently introduces elements of fairness. That means no decisions and no second-guessing. And the gear stays the same for longer so you don’t have to update it every year – avoiding the much criticised “pay to win” or “pay to play” aspects of traditionally material-driven sports like sailing where costly more advanced equipment creates a huge advantage for those who wield it.

We felt like a lot of riders wanted to see this in winging – to enjoy the benefits that one-design brings. That’s why we’re here, and that’s what this is: The X-15 Class – one-design wing foil racing featuring the latest cutting-edge equipment.


May the best rider win.

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Official Equipment


X-15 Wing

  • Ultra X Canopy
  • Double Surface Design*
  • Reef Zipper Tech


Starboard Foilboard

X-15 Foilboard

  • High-speed flight stability
  • High-volume, high-control concept
  • Designed for durability & accessibility


Starboard Foils

X-15 Foil MF

  • Martin Fischer Design
  • Proprietary automatic-optimisation
  • Ultra-wide wind range


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